All Neonatal Units in Scotland belong to the SNNG
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The Scottish Neonatal Nurses’ Group (SNNG) is an interest group for neonatal nurses, midwives, other neonatal unit staff and those working in the wider neonatal field. The SNNG comprises the members, the Council and the Executive Committee.

The Council includes a representative from each Scottish neonatal unit, plus neonatal nurses representing Neonatal Managed Clinical Networks, the Scottish Neonatal Transport Service, the Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Scotland group, neonatal educators and clinical managers.

The Executive Committee is composed of the SNNG Chairperson, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Education representative/s, Events Organiser, Web Master and a minimum of one other Executive Committee member.

What are the Group’s Aims?
To promote best practice in neonatal nursing for the benefit of babies, their families and the neonatal staff involved in their care.

To encourage collaboration between neonatal nurses and midwives, other professional groups and stakeholders concerned with the provision of neonatal care in Scotland.

To share and disseminate information, updating members on developments in clinical practice via the SNNG website, meetings and conferences.

To provide sponsorship that facilitates the education and professional development of neonatal staff.

To strengthen the voice of neonatal staff in Scotland on all matters relevant to neonatal care through participation in Scottish, United Kingdom and international consultations, projects and working groups.

To promote research, audit and developments in neonatal care.

Benefits of being a Member
Members have;

  • a say in the development of neonatal care in Scotland
  • a unit representative on the SNNG Council to raise issues on their behalf
  • subsidised fees for the SNNG annual conference (details under the ‘Events’ link)
  • the chance to keep up to date with SNNG Council activity on the website and on the units
  • an opportunity to apply for a sponsorship award (details under the ‘Sponsorship’ link)

How to become a Member
Details of how to join SNNG can be found by clicking on the ‘Membership’ link.

Alison Wright, Chairperson